Shwetha Bhatia has a decade-plus experience of being a fitness pro and has been a national-level bodybuilding champion. She has been the woman behind the dazzling physiques of actors Sooraj Pancholi and Tiger Shroff. A firm believer in eating healthy and training equally hard, Shwetha has an impressive network of clients- starting from professional athletes to celebrities- they have all sought her expertise on nutrition at some time or the other.

She too started off as a scrawny child in school with a penchant for studying and realized the importance of exercising way later when she headed off to college. From there she went on to win the bronze at several state and national level categories for bodybuilding and went on to become a member of the jury for IBBF, where she once showcased as an athlete.

Mobiefit will be hosting the first ever Facebook live session with Celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Shwetha Bhatia

In a country where women are often critiqued for lifting weights, Shwetha was one of the initial female lifters. Her commitment to training and fitness is so much so that she set up her gym, Gym & Tonic, where she has a free hand with training and she can easily customize workouts according to the needs and requirements of her clients.

Shwetha is Mobiefit’s very own nutrition expert and aims at providing effective nutrition for people looking at reaching their target weight or gaining muscle. The Mobiefit RUN and Mobiefit BODY training plans are designed to cater to the user’s needs and help them live a healthy lifestyle. With the programs for Mobiefit RUN, you can start losing weight while getting great cardio exercise, or improve your running performance in 5K, 10K and half marathon runs. With Mobiefit BODY plans, you can start losing weight, gain muscle, or aim to get those enviable six-pack abs or a toned body!

In a first of many, Mobiefit will be hosting an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Shwetha Bhatia on 22nd December 2017 over social media platform, Facebook. The aim of this webinar is to reach out to people who have been struggling to reach their ideal body weight for various reasons. Though the main highlight will be Diet and Nutrition, Shwetha will also be addressing questions about chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and post-natal care.

She will also speak about the necessary supplements and lifestyle changes that can have a very large impact on one’s health. If you have a nagging question at the back of your head, regarding your diet or are simply curious about what diet to follow, then all you need to do is fill out a form with your questions. The questions that we receive through this form, will them be addressed by Shwetha on  22nd December. The Top 10 questions received will be chosen by Shwetha on the day of the webinar and will receive gift vouchers worth Rs 5000.

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