Instead of recommending movies based on running, this weekend we are going to give you a list of movies that will definitely get your adrenalin pumping. Boxing movies! Hell yes!


Whether or not you follow the sport, boxing movies are sure to get you hooked (pun fully intended), and for a passing minute, even consider taking up the sport. Yes, we know like all the Rocky movies, they also leave you very, very inspired. We’re pretty certain nothing can top those, but we do have a whole list that comes a close second.


Brace yourselves, grab a bag of popcorn, and curl your hand into a fist, or just keep pumping out those sets of pushups and squat jumps to get fitter for your fight! Here we go!

Jake Gyllenhall grew up, buffed up, got the right accent and punched the lights out of a lot of people in this movie. Non Gyllenhall fans will find themselves rooting for this character.


Million Dollar Baby
Hillary Swank, boxing gloves, Clint Eastwood and a heart-ripping storyline that will have you inspired and tearful at the same time! How can you possibly go wrong with this one?


The Fighter
Two brothers fighting. Yeah, you’ve seen that before, but not when Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg are the brothers. With all the intensity of a family drama that has a dash of boxing, The Fighter is a great tribute to the spirit of pugilists everywhere. And you have Mark Wahlberg actually acting well, and not over-the-top for a change!


Two words – Tom Hardy. Bane as a boxer? Yes please. This film will have your teeth gritted and your adrenaline rushing.


He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. A biopic on the greatest of them all – Muhammad Ali, Played by the very versatile, Will Smith. You can’t not love this film. Just watch him run!


Right, so that’s 5 films to keep you glued this weekend. But we suggest you take breaks and go for a run to clear your head after each one of them.

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