Standing out from the (slowly burgeoning) crowd of certified strength and conditioning specialists in India, one way to grab attention is by cutting a niche for yourself through a specialization. For Huzefa Talib it was sports, having worked with golfers, cricketers, and swimmers. Certified by the National School of Strength and Conditioning in the US, his training involves posture, techniques, progression, nutrition, sleep, rehabilitation, and supplements.

With an experience of working with professionals, Huzefa has earned a niche in Bangalore and has co-founded¬†The Outfit, a gym or training studio with unique techniques, good space for workouts and trainers with great experience. The gym specializes in re-establishing outdoor and bodyweight workouts, deviating from the “ideal” air-conditioned gym setting. Since Huzefa is the brainchild behind this ideology, he has multiple videos up his sleeve that blend speed, endurance, and strength training – with a dash of quirk.

Adding a new twist to the regular pushup, the video features Huzefa mastering the Fingertips Pushup. This pushup strengthens your fists and your fingers while making your entire pushup “deeper”. Although Huzefa makes this exercise look like a piece of cake, it requires quite some work if you have weak arms. Since the pushup is done solely by balancing the body on the fingertips and the tips of the toes, the range of motion increases and you reap more out of it. Do 2 sets of 10 reps each to get a super-toned body.

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