One of the biggest avenues for developers when it comes to increasing the app visibility is Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a curation of new products and lets followers discover new apps, software or technology that may otherwise fly under the radar.

Thanks to a neat front-page listing on Product Hunt, First Run grew in leaps and bounds over the weekend. It all started with a recommendation from Matt Trimarchi, co-founder of Venture Craft, Elevio and One Liners, which led to FirstRun being listed on the site.

The impact after that listing went live was tremendous, thanks to the buzz generated. With 122 upvotes (at the time of writing), FirstRun gained immense visibility from the listing. Product Hunt is a great platform for budding apps as most ‘Product Hunters’ have a great standing in the startup and app world. We saw support from the likes of Luca Mastrorocco, founder of My Startup Land; Marc Brown, co-founder of Jetpack, a rich media advertising company; Jack Shalom, creator of the highly popular Gif keyboard Giffage for iOS; and Isihika Alani of the London-based City Falcon, a startup providing crowd-sourced, real-time financial news for free.

Besides the great response on the listing itself, we welcomed nearly 1000 new visitors to our site thanks to the listing, visitors who might not have heard about FirstRun otherwise. When it came to the FirstRun app, there has been a considerable spike in downloads from the US, Canada and Western Europe, markets we weren’t tapping earlier. And it has also helped get our message of the importance of fitness, and the joy of running to many other first-time runners.

A big thank you to everyone at Product Hunt for supporting FirstRun. It’s exactly the kind of motivation that we have embraced in our app.

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