Sometimes running a marathon is not challenge enough; at least for some runner. For these elite group of runners, only an ultramarathon will do.

Put simply, an ultramarathon is any run over the standard marathon distance of 42.1 KM. So we have marathons ranging from 50KM to ones well over 200KM. That’s right, if you wanted to you can run a 250KM run over five-six days in stunning, grueling terrain. So if you are still wondering what’s the most you can achieve by running regularly, the answer lies in these amazing ultramarathons that will surely test every inch of your endurance.

How far can you run?
How far can you run?

It takes years for runners to get to the stage where they can think about tackling these ultramarathons. As you can imagine, it takes a special kind of willpower and physical strength to complete one of these runs. The sport gained popularity after the controversial 2009 book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, which we recommend all runners must read. The book talks about an entire community of ultramarathoners, and humanity’s roots in long-distance running. A regular on sport bestsellers lists, the book helped put ultramarathons on the map and made them more popular outside the running community.

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