You’ve done the hard part and started running. And while that’s a great feat, it’s important that you should want to run better, faster and stay injury-free at the same time. The easiest way to do this is by making sure your muscles, joints and tendons have the right coordination and flexibility.

To get the most out of every running session, running drills are a key component, besides those all-important stretches. Follow these running drills, as performed by FirstRun’s Chief Fitness Officer Gul Panag, will help you become more efficient, improve your running fitness and eventually, help you increase your speed. If you are keen on becoming a serious runner, follow Gul’s cue with these drills.

It’s just a matter of allocating 20 minutes a day to perform these drills and you will find that your runs are getting easier, less burdensome and most importantly, you will find yourself a fitter runner.

Main image: From Sneakers to Stilettos With Love

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