Music is quite the ideal company for runs — it keeps you in rhythm and suitably distracted from the exertion. Some runners, however, especially those who have just started out need more than tunes to keep them motivated and pumping the pavement. Luckily, the world running community has you covered. Take your pick from some of the most inspiring podcasts for runners that can do wonders for your confidence and stamina and provide a whole lot of insights into the sport.

Everyday Runners
Hosted by running coach, Matt Johnson, Everyday Runners encourages your running habit through interviews, talks and bytes from regular folks who share their running stories and provide valuable insights into the sport. The show concentrates on how these runners got started on their fitness journey, what their first runs were like, what race day entails and some time-tested advice on form, injury prevention, diet and any other running-related question you might have.

Named after Phedippides, the legendary Greek messenger who gave birth to the idea of the modern marathon, the popular podcast is hosted by the equally popular Steve Runner who shares thoughts and observations composed during his own running sessions. Every episode covers an aspect of running, like training, injury preventions, diet, racing strategies and running wearables and gadgets. Easy and conversational and featuring some great music, the show is loosely bound and an insightful peek into what goes on through a mind of a runner as he whizzes past your block.

Marathon Talk
First broadcasted in 2010, Marathon Talk is an award-winning UK podcast hosted by athletes Martin Yelling and Tom Williams that focuses on marathons around the world in a weekly series. Each episode is topical and covers a whole spectrum of information including news, views and reviews, training talk, comedy sketches and interviews with elite marathoners. Guests featured include Olympic medalist and world champion Sonia O’Sullivan, Loraine Moller and Mohamed ‘Mo’ Farah among others.

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy
Running since 2005, this rather hilarious and thoroughly entertaining podcast covers everything health and fitness: from weight loss, eating tricks, quick strength workouts, fitness gadgets and marathon tips to scam pills and fad diets. Hosted by fitness expert Dr Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor, the popular show has featured interviews with the likes of football legend Mercury Morris, Coach Brad Gilbert, tennis player Robby Ginepri, Dr Brian Wansink, Kathy Smith and several other personalities.

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