Whether you are a seasoned runner, or someone who has just started out, one thing all runners would have experienced is the runner’s high! And for those on the fence about running, or who doubt that it’s a true workout, it’s only fair that we make it crystal clear. It may look easy at first or from a distance, but only the runner himself knows the rigorous workout his body is getting on a run. From the co-ordinated upper and lower body, to balance and breathing, from disciplined strides to inch-perfect strikes. These are the components that make a good
run and it only comes with training and practice. While not everyone can afford a running coach, FirstRun has removed that need altogether.

At just Rs 299, you can train to become a 10K runner with FirstRun. And it only takes 12 weeks or 3 months to get you there. Still not convinced? Here are a few perks that runners all around the world are all too familiar with!

It’s so easy to start! Really, it doesn’t get simpler than running. Firstly, it’s a natural movement for humans and all you need to start is a pair of shoes (that’s optional too) and an open road (or a treadmill).

Time to shop for lower sizes: You’re definitely going to lose weight. Along with training, workouts and running, also running requires you to maintain a balanced diet that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your lives. And when you are a runner, you are also cross-training and doing yoga to improve your running.

Healthier joints and bones! Fewer risks from bone-related illnesses. Running strengthens your bones and muscles and helps improve bone density, thereby reducing risks of arthritis and osteoporosis. Also get ready to say goodbye to coughs, colds, and fevers. Running boosts your immune system by keeping your muscles and organs well oxygenated, which basically means that you can battle everyday annoying allergies with ease.

Experience the runner's high!
Experience the runner’s high!

What stress? The endorphins released during a run keep you in a good mood for most of the day. Just 15 minutes of running can trigger an endorphin rush which makes it easier to deal with stressful situations, and gives you clarity in high-pressure environments. It’s no wonder that high-ranking executives are usually runners.

Get a fit heart! When you run, your circulation system is working at a higher capacity than when you’re at rest. This boost adds to balanced blood pressure and reduces the risks of heart or coronary diseases. Running also makes you a smart cookie. The same circulation that keeps your heart healthy, reaches the brain and brings with it ample nutrients as well as oxygen, enabling you to concentrate better.

Stride your way to good heart and health
Stride your way to good heart and health

Reduce risk of diabetes: Studies have shown that running regularly helps to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. As a bonus you will also start looking younger: All that circulation also gives you a glow that makes you look younger, and keeps you fit even at an old age. Running helps maintain a healthy triglyceride level in the body and lowers the risk of many problems related to cholesterol.

Get a new boost: The boost to your stamina does wonders for your athletic needs and your family life. Regular running helps build up your stamina, and you’ll find yourself doing more things in a day than ever before, and also have plenty of energy reserves to take on any physical challenge.

Get a spring in your step!
Get a spring in your step!

Runners sleep better: Running makes sure you have done adequate physical exercise in your day, so at the end of it, when you have to hit the bed, your body is tired and your mind is at rest, just how it should be for a good night’s sleep.

And there’s no better way to start running than using FirstRun’s systematic, flexible and built-for-beginners programs. Download today to start your fitness journey with our effective 10K program!

Main Image: Otiena Ellwand | Edmonton Journal

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