As much as we want to stick to a daily workout schedule, life can often get in the way. Maybe you’ve put in a couple of late nights and really need to catch up on sleep, or too many business trips are leaving you with no time to run. Most beginners especially find it hard to get back to a fitness routine when it’s punctuated by one too many breaks. But just because you can’t fit in a 60-minute run every day, doesn’t necessarily mean that your fitness levels have to suffer. In fact, studies have shown that short bursts of exercise when you’re strapped for time can carry the same health benefits as longer workouts. These workouts can be as short as 10 minutes a day, but they will keep your body active till you’re ready to take up your daily schedule again. Best of all, you can do these anywhere – at home or away – so there goes the last of your excuses.

Here are a few effective routines to get fit in 10 minutes:

10-Minute Full Body Circuit

Strengthen your legs, core and arms with this powerful, yet short workout. All you need is some floor space for moving around and 10 minutes in hand. A fat-blasting workout, this routine helps boost your energy levels and metabolism through the day.

10-Minute Tabata Training

Tabata workouts are quick and effective; best of all, they really test your limits. For when you’re looking to sweat it out, try this short (but not easy) strengthening routine that helps you to keep burning fat even after the workout.

10-Minute Abs Workout

Made up of 10 different exercises for your abs, this workout is an efficient way to work your cores and obliques on an otherwise busy day.

10-Minute Butt and Thigh Workouts

We’ve previously stressed on how important it is to work and tone your glutes as a way to maintain proper running form. Try out this routine of 9 combined exercises that help your strengthen your butt and thighs.

10-Minute High Intensity Workout

While it may take a few tries to follow all the high-intensity exercises here as fast as fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise, you’ll nevertheless end up burning quite a few calories from the effort.

10-Minute Plyometric Workout

These explosive, fuss-free exercises are an excellent way to burn more calories and work several muscles at once. Runners get an added advantage as this workout also helps build power and speed.

10-Minute Power Yoga

Yoga makes for great strength training since it also increases your flexibility. This 10-minute yoga flow series will challenge your sense of balance while working your core and legs.

Remember, like all exercises, you still need to warm up before you attempt any of these. Spot-jogging, simple squats and sit-ups for about 4-5 minutes before you begin, followed by a 2-minute cool-down are mandatory before and after all workouts.

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