Fitness trackers have been in the market for some time now. They have been readily lapped up by fitness enthusiasts, runners, bodybuilders, and the health conscious masses. But doing the rounds of late is a fitness tracker for your four-legged friend. Yes, you heard us right! The FitBark Activity Monitor is an affordable, unobtrusive fitness tracker that takes into account your dog’s physical activity and helps you gauge the fitness levels of your dog.

The FitBark Activity Monitor is shaped like a dog bone treat and comes in five attractive colors

If you are a proud pet-owner then you must be very well aware of the importance of an active lifestyle for pet companion. The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is an ideal device for canines of all sizes, and syncs with your phone or computer to give you the activity data of your dog. It also tracks the amount of sleep that your dog gets and gives insight on any underlying health conditions. Shaped like a dog bone treat, the device comprises of a 3-axis accelerometer and weighs a measly 0.28 ounces. This ranks it 2nd to Tractive Motion, which happens to be the lightest tracker at 0.25 ounces. It’s a relatively small device (1.1 by 1.6 by 0.4 inches) and comes in five attractive colors. Don’t let your pet mistake this for a chewy toy, because the device is waterproof as long as the USB port is tightly sealed. It uses a micro USB connection to charge its Lithium-ion battery, which can last upto 14 days, depending on use.

The FitBark app can be used as a place to socialize with other FitBark users and keep tabs on your dog no matter where you are

The most convenient thing about the FitBark Activity Monitor is that you can easily attach the device to your dog’s collar or harness. It uses a heavy duty rubber band to clip into the available slots on either side of the tracker. You can assign a “Bark Point” goal to your dog, which s/he will have to meet through the day. These BarkPoints can go up and down depending on the dog and is attributed to a proprietary algorithm that attempts to quantify “total physical activity in line with the best veterinary practices.” So, it’s not necessarily dependent on the steps your dog takes but could be any activity that can count as Bark Points.

The FitBark app is available for Android or iOS, along with a web-based dashboard that shows you your dog’s activity. You can invite people to track your dog or get invites from other FitBark users. The dashboard will display the BarkPoints that your dog has earned in the day. Depending on the physical effort put in by your pet, your dog’s activities are categorized into Play (moving a lot), Rest, and Active (showing any kind of movement).

The Dashboard will display the “Bark Points” your dog has earned depending on his or her activity levels

Priced at $99.95, there’s only one downside to this amazing device. You will have to shell out an additional $79.95 for the FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station for your Bluetooth requirements. This again is a cute plastic dog house you plug in via the micro USB and connect to the FitBark app and relay the data to your account online. Why a lot of dog-parents are investing in FitBark is because of its unique social aspect where you can compare your dog’s BarkPoints with other dogs. The Top Dog Board will also rank your dog depending on the BarkPoints s/he has earned. FitBark Explore is a public, interactive map showing doggie health in all 54 countries where FitBark devices are currently at work.

All in all, if you love your dog and have concerns about his or her health, then you should certainly invest in a canine tracker. The FitBark is a light weight, cute, companion app and an efficient social platform to keep tabs on your dog, no matter where you are.

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