What does one look for in a relatively inexpensive fitness tracker? Good fitness tracking, of course. But there’s always a need for some extras on top. The Fitkat Ultimo is the epitome of this need. Not only is it a smart fitness band, but is packed with features that make it a great choice for overall health and safety as well. Here’s what makes it a total value for money.

mobiefit integration
Fitkat Ultimo is the first fitness tracker band with mobiefit integration. To start with you can begin a run on your band and sync it with the mobiefit RUN app to save your session data. We have enabled the Fitkat Ultimo to track your treadmill runs with ease. So you can keep the phone locked away while the band tracks all the metrics such as speed and distance. Further integration for mobiefit’s suite of apps is on its way.

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Android and iOS compatibility
Fitkat will connect to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and there’s a Fitkat app for both platforms to help you keep track of all that data that the wearable collects.

Fitness tracking
You can track your daily physical activity and review your stats with just a quick glance at your wrist. The wearable tracks steps, distance covered and calories. It also measures your goals against a benchmark that you can set.

Hydration reminders
To drink water regularly is a big challenge in the day-to-day life, and especially if you are working out. Fitkat eliminates the need for you to keep a tab on your consumption by calculating how much water you need based on your activity. It sends gentle reminders for the user to drink water based on your consumption patterns. This hydration reminder can help you maximise your workouts, and stay injury free.

Clear display of step count on the Fitkat Ultimo.


SOS button
With the in-built Guardian feature, and a double click on the dedicated SOS button your “Guardians” will receive your real time location in emergency situations. When faced with personal threat, it becomes almost impossible to take the smartphone out from your pocket or handbag. So the dedicated SOS button is a life-saver. Upon double-clicking it, the Fitkat device sends an SMS with your location data to preset emergency contacts.

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Health features
Often as you are busy with work and home-work, you forget to take those crucial pills and tablets for your health conditions. Going beyond fitness, the Ultimo informs you when it’s time to take your pills. Just set your medicine course in the app, and the wearable beeps when it’s time for you to pop the pill. It’s an easy-to-use system, that can be a life-saver.

Notifications and alerts
Finally, the wearable also shows you alerts for incoming and active calls, text/SMS notifications, calendar appointments, as well as app notifications from Facebook, WeChat, Line, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social media and IM apps.

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