Mobiefit is all about making fitness easier for anyone and everyone. And that means even for those who cannot go to the gym due to problems of time, money or access.

That’s why it’s the right time for Mobiefit BODY, a personal trainer that lives in your pocket . And with more than 1,50,000 individuals working out with the Mobiefit BODY app, it’s not just appealing but also one of the most effective fitness training apps in the market.

The latest addition to our fitness endeavors are the Mobiefit BODY Pro programs that will accommodate people of all fitness levels and cater to their individual goals, whether it is weight loss, simply shedding calories, body-building, toning and shaping, or learning the best exercise techniques. Priced at just Rs 199 per month, you can get access to all the programs and individual training and diets according to your fitness requirements, with just one subscription.


Workout with Mobiefit’s fitness icons Mr. World 2015 Anoop Singh and TV Personality, VJ Bani J who will guide you through each session.They will be your exercise companions and mentors within the app, featuring in amazing HD videos for upper body, lower body or core strengthening exercises.

Sports Performance Enhancement specialist and national-level bodybuilder Shwetha Bhatia has designed all of the diet and nutrition plans for Mobiefit

The cornerstone of the brand new programs is the diet and nutrition plan designed by Celebrity Fitness trainer and Nutrition Expert, Shwetha Bhatia. Shwetha has been the guiding force behind actors Tiger Shroff and Suraj Pancholi and her plans make it super simple and easy to keep up with your daily nutritional needs. Not only is each diet plan customized to suit the specific program’s goal, it’s also full of important nutrition details that you must practice in any case.

With the customized training program and a 3-month nutrition kit and diet plan, the revamped Mobiefit BODY programs are ideal for weight loss, helping you torch calories, get stronger, and start a healthier life at just Rs 199 per month! The no-equipment bodyweight workouts are perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, build six-pack abs or get a toned body.

The Pro Programs

Go Pro and get access to four training programs for as little as Rs 199 a month

Lose up to 9 kg in 3 months with this weight loss training program and nutrition plan. Get your daily workout schedule and a specific diet plan to start losing weight.

Gain weight and build stronger muscles with this bodyweight workout routine for beginners, plus 3-month nutrition kit and diet plan for beginners.

Get a lean body with this training program and nutrition plan for girls and women. Workout to get that toned body and eat right to start losing weight.

Get those enviable six-packs and a super-strong core with this training program and the diet plan to help you develop ripped muscles.

Start your Pro subscription today to get the best diet and fitness plan for your life. Just Rs 199 per month! 

 Set your goals

We know that it’s hard for beginners to start hitting the big reps and sets, so we start them off in a Assessment Test that measures just how fit you already are, and then sets a program according to that. Not everyone can do 50 squats, pushups or crunches from the start! The Assessment Test tells us your fitness level and we create a workout routine that’s perfect for your level.

Select Your Trainer

VJ Bani J and Mr. World 15′ Anoop Singh will be your Mobiefit fitness trainers
  • Train with Mr World

With a Mr World 2015 title under his belt, actor and pilot, Anoop Singh gives you all the right diet and fitness tips. His unique workout style showcases his incredible flexibility, body-building expertise and a world-class physique. It’s not without hard work and dedication can you reach the world stage and impress one and all. That’s what Anoop Singh brings to the table in Mobiefit BODY.

  • Work out with TV Icon

Bani J (MTV Roadies alumni and fresh off her Bigg Boss appearance) is one of India’s most loved TV personalities. She brings a unique sense of style to all your workouts with her focus on flexibility, nutrition, and shaping and toning! Her high-octane attitude towards fitness might leave you huffing and puffing but it’s well worth the effort, as her drop-dead-gorgeous body shows.

Convenient workouts

With every program you can select from a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 days in a week to schedule your workouts. This will not only make it easier for you to plan your fitness goals ahead of time, but it will also help you set workout alarms according to your availability.

The Diet Plan

Mobiefit Diet plans are 100% effective and wholesome

We don’t believe in crash diets or making people eat things they don’t want to! The beauty about Mobiefit diet plans is that our focus is on simple ingredients that you can acquire in most stores!The plan will start you off on an easygoing low calorie diet to match your low intensity workouts in the first few weeks. As the intensity of your workouts increases, your diet will be customized to accommodate your nutrition and energy levels according to your customized workout schedule and program.

With our unique macros (protein, carbs and fats) calculator, you will successfully control the amount of calories you intake through your daily meals. As you progress to an advanced level, so will your diet plan and you will be required to add natural supplements to your diet to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Hydration and resting

Our hydration meter will help you to stay hydrated throughout your journey. If you were unsure about foods to eat, pre and post-workout then this program will tell you what you need to consume every time prep yourself for your workout. The amount of rest you give your body will also be monitored, so that you don’t lose out on any precious muscle mass that you’ve gained.

Workout diary

Keeping track of your fitness is easy with Mobiefit

Tracking your workouts is easy as training with Mobiefit BODY. The dashboard will keep a tab on your exercise history and map your progress; see how many calories you are burning in each session so that you know exactly when to push yourself and when to take it easy.

No equipment or gym needed

There’s no catch. No need for any expensive training equipment, extra gym costs as you can exercise at home, in the park or anywhere – even a small cubicle. With Mobiefit BODY programs and the diet, you are guaranteed to achieve your fitness goal, at a price of Rs 199 per month! That’s a fraction of what you would pay for a personal trainer and nutritionist! And unlike them, Mobiefit BODY is your ideal fitness companion because we customize our schedules and diet plans to meet your needs and reach your goals!

Compete to win

Participate in Mobiefit Monthly Challenges to win exciting rewards

Show your support for important causes with Social Challenges. Test yourself in pushups, crunches and squats in new thrilling monthly challenges to win awesome prizes, and get featured on our YouTube channel. With awesome new challenges every month, and prizes given away every week, Mobiefit BODY has transformed how people view fitness. This is not about just getting fit anymore, it’s also about your pocket money. No wonder that Mobiefit BODY is a hit on campus.

Quick Workouts

Don’t want to enter a training program but want to focus on simply burning calories? Sign up for the Total Transformation program that aims to give you a full body workout without any added costs. Still looking for options? Our Workouts section will help you get started with Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced level exercises to burn calories and strengthen your core.

Videos and blogs

Mobiefit’s Fitness Feed will give you all the added info you need

100+ in-app videos from our celebrity coaches Anoop and Bani at no extra cost! Plus a workout progress tracker, and daily updates through health and fitness news articles and videos, helping you make the most of your training.

Unlike other fitness apps Mobiefit BODY is not just about telling you which workout to choose; we take it a step beyond by guiding you on each and every aspect of your fitness from tracking to fitness tips.

At a bargain price of just Rs 199 per month, you can train with the best fitness icons of the country and access workouts and nutrition plans in accordance to your fitness specifications. This is cheaper than any gym or personal trainer in the market.

Exercise with Mobiefit to not only boost your body but also charge up your mind, to take on any challenge. Your body and mind will both be thankful for this personal trainer. Burn calories, lose weight, gain energy to keep going and watch as your confidence grows. This is your best chance to unleash your full potential.

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