RPM (Raw Power In Motion) is the indoor cycling program developed by New Zealand based fitness venture, Les Mills. Les Mills is famed for creating choreographed workouts and highly skilled instructors through a rigorous certification process. These instructors then deliver classes in gyms and training centers across the globe which are licensed with Les Mills. Like other Les Mills programs, RPM too involves a music based 50-minute indoor cycling class which is equivalent to 20-25 km of outdoor riding. This means your instructor will take you and the group on a journey of up-hill climbs, sprints and flat riding similar to a session of outdoor cycling. The Les Mills website claims that “this group based indoor cycling workout is fun, low impact and you can burn up to 675 calories in a session.”

RPM is just one of Les Mills’ 8 programs, all of which range from cycling and weight training to Pilates and martial arts. Many of the contributors and instructors for the RPM program are also professional cyclists who teach you how to control the intensity of your workout with resistance dial and pedal speed control.

How is this different from a spin class?

In an RPM session you will be cycling on a stationary bike to a music program that is of 50 minutes duration, which is designed to mimic the movements of outdoor cycling but in a contained indoor air-conditioned environment. It differs from a spin class because every RPM session is pre-choreographed with each music track, matching the intensity every cycling stance you are instructed to take. For example, say the tracks 2,4,6 are of speed or recovery nature tracks 3,4,7 will be focused on power/up-hill climb. Track 1 is warming up, 8 is for cooling down and 9 is usually to get off the bike with a series of stretches.

The bike setup is also usually different for a spin session and a RPM class. RPM bikes don’t have any instruments on the machine and give you the liberty to perform greater levels of adjustments on the setup. Most of the Les Mills gyms are manufactured by Body Bike, which is an indoor cycling company based in Denmark.

Les Mills RPM program consists of pre-choreographed indoor cycling which mimic the terrain biking of an outdoor cycling session

What is each RPM session made of?

In every RPM session, your instructor will lead your group through the 9-track playlist, incorporating different riding stances and speeds to suit the terrain.

1. You will start with a warm-up where the pace is easy and the resistance is light to get your legs in the grove.

2. With the music continues your intensity increases as you work towards your maximum personal pace. This will activate your climbing muscles, which will test your strength and cycling time trials that test your endurance. There will be rest periods in-between that will give you time and energy to push through the next challenge.

3. The final session is intense, which will be followed by a cool down and a finishing song that will help you stretch every aching muscle in your body to help you get off the bike.

Does Les Mills have any centers in India?

Yes! Les Mills has more than a dozen centers in India, most of them based in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. The RPM instructors provide training out of licensed Les Mills gyms and will help you get lean with this resistance and cardio based workout. You can find a center close to your location by logging onto the official Les Mills website.

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