Even if you’re running regularly, you still need to squeeze in some variation in your fitness routine a couple of times in the week. These can range from full-blown weight workouts at the gym to shorts bursts of exercise targeting different cores of your body. The advantages of cross-training are that these alternative workouts help relax the muscles that are overused during running, improve overall fitness, help towards faster recovery, and provide a good break without letting you slack off.

You don’t have to rush to get a gym membership right away, though. While supervised weight training is important as your fitness levels pick up, there’s plenty you can do from the comfort of your own home with as little as 10 minutes to spare. All you need is YouTube and some space. Here are 3 innovative and challenging workouts that promise to make cross-training a whole lot of fun.

Ab Gymnastics

Who doesn’t want washboard abs, especially when you can get some serious core workout in the process? Designed by Olympic gymnast Dave Durante, this 10-minute routine dramatically builds your core stability and core strength, besides really making you sweat it out. If it works for you, there are four other workouts in the same series to try out. The complete set of 5 routines is designed to target and challenge your entire midline: hip flexors, abdominals, obliques, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. No equipment is required, though you should be used to some basic physical activity before trying your hand at this.

Gyrokinesis for a ‘hot’ body

An exercise method that combines dance, yoga, Tai Chi, and gymnastics, Gyrokinesis may be a mouthful but is also hugely effective. This routine requires only an exercise mat and is great for all skill levels. Designed by celebrity trainer and professional dancer, Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice, the moves in this particular video are especially effective for increasing circulation, opening the chest, improving posture, relieving back tension, enhancing functional movement, and toning your arms, abs, obliques, back, legs, and glutes in a short amount of time.

Pilazies aka Bed Pilates

Nope, that’s not a typo. Pilazies is pilates for all the lazies out there. Designed by fitness personality and instructor Kym Perfetto, this is the final no-excuse workout for those who refuse to leave their beds—because you don’t have to! The under-4-minute workout promises to get you toned legs, butts and abs and it looks completely manageable even for the laziest among us.

Image: Gyrokinesis | leahkinsella.com

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