There’s a world of diabetes tools out there, to help you combat one of the world’s most deadliest diseases. Diabetes, as we know, can lead to a series of problems such as heart diseases, cholesterol-related issues, weight gain and lower metabolism. This means diabetics have to be constantly on top of what’s needed to manage their disease. Thankfully, gadgets, devices and accessories that help you keep track of your disease are widely available. Here are a few that matter most:

Blood pressure monitor
One of the key indicators of diabetes acting up on your system is abnormal blood pressure levels, which lead to other complications. Stay on top of your blood pressure with a simple blood pressure monitor, such as this one from Healthon.inIt uses the Oscillometric method to measure your blood pressure and is fairly accurate. It has a low error margin for Accuracy pressure of ±3 mmHg and for Pulse readings, which is ±5 percentage of display reading The Memory feature provides you with details of your past 14 sets of readings.

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Blood glucose monitor
Blood glucose is a vital indicator of your diabetes flaring up. To test your blood sugar level, a blood glucose meter is a handy solution that usually gives you results in a matter of minutes. Not only do most sugar monitors give you fast results, they require a small blood sample size and are also usually very portable, such as this monitor from Omron, available on This one takes 5 seconds to show a reading with only 0.1 microliter blood drop from either palm or finger. Somethings you should keep in mind before purchasing it whether the monitor has any data management or memory features, which tracks past readings and dates and times of blood sugar results.

Weighing scale
For anyone with Type-2 Diabetes, managing their weight is a good way to get rid of the larger symptoms of the disease. Some physicians might advice you to lose certain amount of calories daily, or could have set you a weight-loss target for the end of the month. Digital weighing scale units – also available on – these days can also display your Body Mass Index after you input your height so that’s definitely a handy feature to have on a weighing scale or weight machine.

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