Let’s face it. Sometimes a little muscle soreness can feel rewarding. You know then that you worked those muscles really hard and all your training will pay off. But there are times when the soreness can get a tad severe.

The most effective way of reducing muscle soreness and accelerating recovery is via food. By using a few simple nutrition strategies you can have your body recover from soreness faster than you thought possible. Not only are these effective but they are safer than non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Here are four drinks that will fast-track your recovery and get you right back to pumping more weights.

Turmeric Milk

Known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric milk provides a warm respite after a hard workout

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has shown to reduce muscle pain and speed up recovery after a workout. For runners specifically, inflamed joints and muscles are a frequent result of pounding pavement for miles on end. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a warm glass of milk mixed with honey or sugar and ginger to reduce DOMS ( delayed onset of muscle soreness) by as much as 25 percent.

Cherry Juice

The tart cherry juice helps to reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness and aids in a speedy recovery

A recent study tested the fruit’s effect on athletes and found that the participants who drank cherry juice with little water, reported significantly less soreness compared to a placebo group. They were asked to consume the tart substance twice daily for several days, following a tough training session. Other dark colored fruits like blueberries and watermelons are also known to reduce DOMS.


Coffee before your run can be a boost for energy and recovery
Coffee before your run or workout can be a boost for energy and recovery

Studies have revealed that caffeine can boost performance, and to enhance recovery speed. Studied have found that a drink with caffeine rebuilds glycogen stores by up to 66 percent more than a simple diet of carbohydrates would do. So understandably there’s a reason why most runners and athletes like to have a shot of espresso or a hot cup of coffee before their activity. It’s quite literally an energy top-up for your workout.


Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day has shown to decrease muscle soreness

Drink a lot of water to reduce DOMS. If you’re training in hot temperatures, just enough water intake will take care of faster recovery and less soreness. Water is critical for body temperature regulation as well as heart and muscle regulation. A decrease in hydration has the ability to reduce strength and athletic performance because it leads to a drop in plasma volume which then doesn’t allow energy to reach the muscles.

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