Eating fresh fruits has always been considered healthy. Fruits are rich source of vitamin, fiber and also helps you keep hydrated now the latest benefits of fruits is that it also lower your chances of suffering from heart attack and stroke. The latest benefits has been revealed by a new Chinese study.

A joint study by the University of Oxford and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the research took seven long years over which researchers observed half a million adults in China, the country with relatively low fruit consumption despite the high population. A nationwide study was done to evaluate the health of 500,000 adults from urban and rural localities tracking health over the seven-year period through death records and hospital records of patients.

The subjects did not have any history of cardiovascular disease or anti-hypertensive treatments when starting the study. They were asked to consumer fruits (100g per day of primarily apples or oranges). These are a rich source of potassium, dietary fiber, antioxidants and flavonoids. In addition they contain little sodium or fat and relatively few calories. Fruit consumption was linked to one-third less cardiovascular mortality and the link was consistent across various study areas in both men and women.“The association between fruit consumption and cardiovascular risk seems to be stronger in China, where many still eat little fruit, than in high-income countries where daily consumption of fruit is more common,” said study author Dr Huaidong Du, from the University of Oxford.

His colleague Professor Zhengming Che believes that widespread consumption of fresh fruits in China could prevent nearly half a million cardiovascular deaths a year, including 200,000 deaths before age 70, besides larger numbers of non-fatal attacks. That’s a massive impetus for a country that’s fast falling into the obesity trap.

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