Now that Season 7 of the American fantasy drama Game of Thrones is out and Jon Snow is declared the King in the North, the pressure seems to be building on the Stark/ Targaryen boy to prove his might. While he might not know a lot of things, he definitely knows how to stay fit. And credit for that goes to celebrity trainer and author of The Feelgood Plan, Dalton Wong who focused on compound exercises to get Kit Harington in the kind of shape to sword-fight the White Walkers. And wearing 100 pounds of fur just adds to the challenge that Kit faces while taking on the creatures beyond the wall. Keeping in mind the hours Kit would have to spend on the sets and the type of character he is to portray, Wong smartly created an exercise regime for Kit that mimicked his on-stage activities.

“We were doing a lot of full-body movements, rather than the typical isolation exercises. These would include lots of cable routines that would allow Kit’s body a fuller range of movement, because he would have to take that sword around the head sometimes” Wong spilled the beans in an interview with Men’s Journal.

With the workouts Wong concentrated on the largest muscle groups in the body – the back, glutes, and legs. Not only would these exercises provide the strength training Harington required but they would also double as cardio if needed. The workout largely consisted of 45 minutes to an hour of lateral lunges, deadlifts, and upper body push and pull movements.

Wong shared with Men’s Journal one of Harington’s go-to workouts that he would perform two or three times a week. He started Kit on a stringent warm-up routine that was followed with (largely) bodyweight exercises. So, hone your swords and say your prayers to the old gods (and new) because with this workout you won’t need dragon glass to take on the wights.


  • Knee Hugs

Start by lying on your back and pull your left knee to your chest, while keeping the right leg flat on the floor. Repeat four times, then switch legs.

  • Thread the Needle

Get down on your knees and hands. Start by placing your left hand over to your right side and should hover about an inch above the floor. Next, stretch the same arm up towards your left shoulder and look up. You should feel your chest muscles opening up. Return to the start and repeat for the other hand. Do one set of 10 reps each.

  • Lunge Stretch

Start with your right leg out in the lunge position and slowly plant your hands in front of you. With the help of your right elbow deepen the stretch by holding it against the inside of the right knee. Next, raise your hips to straighten your right leg and stretch out your hamstrings. Do four reps and then switch sides.

Now, that you are all warmed up for the coming winter, here’s the workout that you have to follow it up with.

You’ll need

Heavy set of dumbbells (Harington uses 20 to 30-pounders)

The Workout

  • Pendulum Lunge

Holding dumbbells on both sides, do a lunge by taking a big step backward with your right foot and lowering your right knee to floor. Now with the weight in your left heel, take a big step forward with the right leg and continue alternating for 1 minute.

  • Weighted Push-Up Rows

By gripping a set of dumbbells in either hand, get in the push-up position. Lower your body by bending elbows and bringing your chest closer to the floor. Now lock your elbows while maintaining a perfect plank position. Row your left hand up to your left ribs. Lower the weight and repeat for the other arm. Continue alternating the same for 1 minute.

  • Lateral Dumbbell Lunge

Hold a set of dumbbells in either hand and lunge laterally to your right making a 1’o clock with your body as the center. You will notice when maintaining this position that your entire body weight will be on your right heel. Return the foot back to the center and repeat the same for your left leg. Continue this for 1 minute.

  • Kneeling Curl and Press

Kneel on the floor with arms holding weights on either side. With palms facing out, curl weights to the shoulders and then turn palms to press the weights overhead. Lower the dumbbells slowly back to the start position and do this for 1 minute.

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