Diwali is around the corner and that always means one thing – gifts! Along with lots of holiday food and a dollop of cheer, of course. But for runners it’s the season to watch out for that brand new gizmo or a pair of the latest trainers. But you can do one better for the runner in your life with these quirky gifts that not only show off your creativity but also show that you really care about their running.

If you are living with a runner, then you can breathe easy when they go on out those night or late evening runs. This lightweight headband can be worn for working out or for keeping hair out of the way when applying your make up. But the best thing is this – each time you buy one you’re helping to keep a young Indian girl in school.

The Perfect Wearable
The Jawbone UP MOVE comes in a bunch of brilliant colors and goes well with any other running accessories. It’s great for those who can’t stand wrist watches when running as you can clip it anywhere with the clip or strap. It has an LED display and a 6-month long battery life. Features personalised insights from Smart Coach to help you make healthier choices and deliver motivation you need to reach your goals. Automatically track hours slept and quality of sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to get the most out of your days. The simplest way to track your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day.

Cooling Towels

Coolcore recovery cooling towel with an exclusive discount on mobiefit Store
Coolcore recovery cooling towel with an exclusive discount on mobiefit Store is one of the best gifts for runners

Towels are vital to wipe yourself down after a workout, which helps in allowing your skin to breathe and also gives you a better grip. But you can take it a step further by using cooling towel which helps you in recovery as well. Dr.Cool’s Coolcore is an excellent choice for a towel that focusses on recovery.

Resistance bands
Resistance bands are one of the simplest yet most beneficial additions you can make to your home exercise equipment. They can be used to train numerous muscle groups, and their super convenient size makes them easy to use anytime, anywhere. The Black Mountain strength resistance band is the ideal for CrossFit, weight training, assisted pull ups, and much more. Each loop resistance band is 41″ long and is 1″ thick, and made from natural rubber to achieve ultimate resistance and durability.

Mini Core Exercise Ball

Mini medicine ball is a great fit for your home workouts
Mini medicine ball is a great fit for your home workouts

It can be impractical to keep a full-sized stability ball in small spaces unless you’re planning to inflate and deflate it after every use. A mini core ball is extremely handy here and you can use them in a wide variety of strength training routines. The STOTT PILATES Mini Stability Ball provides an unstable base of support, designed to activate your deepest stabilizing muscles. This lightweight and portable mini ball measures 7.5-Inch in diameter and the pack includes s blow-up straw and plug for easy inflation and a workout DVD.

A set of dumbbells
The right dumbbell weight for you will fatigue your muscles in eight to 12 reps — meaning you feel a burning sensation and feel like you can’t lift your arm anymore. Thus, it’s best to start out with a set of different assorted weights that allow you to step up as you grown stronger. Proline Fitness fixed-weight dumbbells come in a variety of weights from 1.5kg onwards. The comfortable grip and attached strap makes it very convenient for use across a range of strength-training movements.

Running jacket
This gift spells quirky, fun and functional all in one go. Plus you might end up out-doing everyone else if you pick one that’s best suited for the runner in your life. Examples: For the retro runner, for the tech-savvy triathlete or for the runner who’s always cold.

Running glasses
Lightweight, non-fogging, and designed to stay on your face while you run. You can definitely have more than one of these, so whoever you are gifting these to will be more than happy to receive them. Tifosi is a brand that offers a wide range of sunglasses at various budgets, so take a gander and make a pick.

Lightweight sweatshirt
Great for autumn and winter, when you want to run fast but not wear bulky clothing. More and more athletic brands are making these lightweight jackets, and they seem to be getting lighter and more compact every year. A gift that will surely earn you brownie points! This NB seamless hoodie is great and bright enough for the darkest winter nights.

Running journal
Perfect for beginners and those thinking of entering competitive races, the running journals by Gone for a Run, come in different designs and styles. They include pages for daily training logs, motivational quotes, along with goals, weekly and monthly mileage summaries, race log, bucket list and race registration logs. Check out their entire range here.

These handy lightweight covers help keep the mud, pebbles and rocks out of your shoes while on a trail. Perfect for those who love to explore new running tracks on the weekends.

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