Most people know of Xiaomi as the company that is changing the smartphone landscape. But the company has also dabbled in technology such as televisions, smart fans, action cameras, streaming dongles. It’s also launches air purifiers in the past, but now Xiaomi is getting into the shoes business.

Obviously, these aren’t your regular shoes, but smart shoes that can connect to your smartphone, using an app. Biometric technology is all the rage when it comes to running gear these days and Xiaomi’s shoes make the most of the existing tech. With the recently launched Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoes, it is bringing the latest in wearable technology at a throwaway price of 299 Yuan (Rs 2,889/$43 approx.) This is the second time that Xiaomi has come up with smart footwear. Previously they had jointly launched a smart shoe in collaboration with Chinese Sports equipment brand Li-Ning. 

The Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoe might look like an ordinary sneaker but houses the best fitness tracking technology

At first glance, the Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoe looks like any other ordinary sneaker. The main feature of this shoe is its ability to count your workout and walking details. It can track your steps, distance covered, calories burnt, pace, etc. It can also detect and differentiate the physical activity you are undertaking, whether you are running, walking or climbing and you’ll be able to see a nice overview of your activity in the companion app that you are using.

All this is made possible due to the presence of a button sized Intel Curie chip that is located inside the sole of the footwear. One chip can last upto 60 days on a single charge and the battery is disposable after 800 km of running.

The body of the shoe is made of a mixture of fabric and synthetic leather, acts as a cushion to soak in the impact generated as your foot hits the ground when you are running. The sole comes with anti-skid markings and consists of various pockets of air cushions for better shock absorbption and an antibacterial removable insole.

The Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoes is developed in China by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd. Xiaomi claims that its smart shoes have been designed keeping in minds the needs of the athletes and runners. But is this shoe a good investment despite the affordable price tag? Here’s our Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoe review roundup:

Techno called the shoes “soft” and “skid-free” providing the user to walk (or run) even on a slippery surface.


The Mijia Smart Shoes look cool and are designed to provide comfort and safety to the wearer. The sole of the shoes are arched to mimic the natural structure of human feet and are anti-skid. The ankle and the feet portion are provided with soft velvet composite SBR to prevent the shoes from slipping off. So, when you walk on a slippery surface, you don’t have to worry about skidding and breaking your bones.

The Anti Skid Sole makes it possible to run or walk on slippery surfaces


Harish Jonnalagadda of Android is in awe of the manner in which Xiaomi has utilized older tracking technology in the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoeand has made it even smarter!

The brains of the smart shoe is an Intel Curie module, a coin-sized 32-bit SoC based on the Quark SE platform that has a 6-axis sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. The module can run for up 60 days on a standard coin battery, and it has enough compute power to crunch all the data recorded from the bevy of sensors and transmit it over Bluetooth LE. The module is IP67 water-resistant and can be inserted into either the left or right shoe. The system is similar to the Nike+ sensor from several years ago, but it does a much better job of cataloging your data.


The only downside to the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Running Shoe seems to be the availability. As in Xiaomi fashion the shoes are available in flashy colors and a staple black. The men’s shoes come in black and blue, whereas the women’s shoes come in black and pink. There’s a special blue edition that features a reflective material on the laces and the back, for better visibility.

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