How important are accessories for running? This is a debatable question as there are runners who believe that they don’t need any accessories for their runs, whereas there are other who have a whole assortment of armbands, headbands, earphones, and wrist-bands that they cannot run without. If you are in the latter camp, then it’s safe to assume you are looking for some running accessories. So what should you get before you start running?

Your phone is too precious to risk putting in your pocket while going for a run. So the best option is to invest in an armband or a wrist-band that lets you safely holster that smartphone. This is of course only true if you carry your phone to listen to music while running. If you’re carrying it just because of a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO, yes it’s a real thing), then we say you ditch the habit and run distraction free. But for those of you who like to run while grooving to some music, a Velcro armband is a great accessory to have. You never have to worry about your phone dropping again.

The only times you should wear a headband is if you’re invited for an 80’s themed party or when you go running. You don’t want hair getting in the way of your run. Keeping hair and sweat out of your eyes is key, since the irritability factor of both these actions can hamper your run and your pace. It also makes it harder to see ahead, something we always advise runners do. Headbands also keep you warm during the winter as you can ride them over your ears. But don’t layer up as your body will automatically generate heat while running.

Running to music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But headphones are a hindrance for runs as they can fall off, and make your head heavier. If you like to listen to music during your runs then it’s best to go with a pair of sports earphones. You will find an array of earphones from sports brands have tied up with renowned audio brands. These are meant for running especially and are usually light and flexible enough to not hinder your runs. If you are wondering which brand to pick up, that’s a topic for another post.

Sunglasses with UV protection are a must if you run outdoors. Over time, the damage from the sun can be pretty severe on the eyes, so it’s best to take precautions. All renowned sports brands stock lightweight sunglasses for athletes. So the only choice you have to make is the style and color, because comfort and ease of use have already been taken care of.

And don’t forget to get the right shoes, socks and running outfit for your daily outing. It’s clear that stepping out looking right goes a long way towards making you feel good about your run, something FirstRun’s in-app coach Gul Panag also endorses. With all these accessories in your kitty, running is simply a matter of stepping out. So lace up, and start running.

Main image: Steve Baker | CC BY-ND

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