Last year, American ultrarunner Scott Jurek made mountain-running history by becoming the fastest person to finish the famed and grueling Appalachian Trail. Jurek crossed over Mount Katahdin in Maine to complete the unbelievable 2,189 mile-journey in 46 days, 8 hours, and 7 minutes, breaking the previous record set by hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis in 2011, by a little more than three hours. To commemorate this landmark achievement in trail running, Brooks Running Company plans to launch the limited-edition Cascadia 2189, a running shoe that celebrates the endless possibilities contained in every trail and every runner.

Jurek's autograph on the back of the shoe
Jurek’s autograph on the back of the shoe (Image: Gearjunkie)

Jurek started the record run at Springer Mountain in Georgia, on May 27 and averaged nearly 80km a day, crossing over 14 US states, and traversing a scarcely believable 5,15,000 feet of elevation change. Naturally, he went through more than one pair of shoes along the way, and Brooks collected the worn-out soles for what it calls a “run-incarnation” project.

Based on the Cascadia 11, this unique pair features outsoles that contain recycled rubbers from Jurek’s shoes worn during the record-breaking run. Apart from this, memorabilia from the race are sprinkled across the design that follows a red, blue, gray and gold color motif with a reflective silver Brooks logo. On the side, for example, a profile line represents the north-south route of the trail. Jurek’s golden autograph is printed near the heel. The box it comes in will have a map of the trail as well as interesting trivia from the run.

The Special Edition pack that comes with the pair
The Special Edition pack that comes with the pair

Brooks will be releasing only 2,189 pairs of the shoe after the exact number of miles covered by Jurek on the Appalachian, with each set being hand-numbered after one of the miles. The shoes, which the company describes as “SUVs for your feet” will be available online on and select stores in the US from July 29 onwards. There’s even an online contest for those who would like a chance to win it. As of now, the shoe is priced at USD 160 per pair, and five dollars from each sale will be donated to the National Parks Foundation to protect and preserve natural outdoor spaces.

“The Cascadia 2189 is a total celebration of human spirit and the accomplishments runners experience of all sizes and types,” said Brooks global director of brand marketing Stephen Chung in a press release. “The shoe is an invitation to runners to reflect on the varied meanings of achievement, daring them to embark on an adventure to discover the power of the run in their own lives.”


Main Image: Gear Junkie

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