Use summer as an excuse to get that smokin’ hot body! You just need to invest 12-minutes daily in this intense and super-effective summer bodyweight workout. So let’s get started to rock that bikini!

1.High Knees

This exercise requires a lot of hand-body coordination. Start by keeping your arms at the sides and slowly lifting the knees high enough to be parallel to the ground. Add an arm swing to your slow pace and you lift the knee higher to maintain good overall form. Focus on lifting the knees up and down rapidly. Once you get a hang of this, perform high knees for a duration of 2 minutes. This exercise will develop strength and endurance in your quads and glutes.

2. Dive Bomber Pushup

This pushup variation will work on your torso and your arms. Start with the pushup position by getting on all fours on the floor. Push your hips as high as possible like an inverted V. Now push yourself forward so that your chest nearly grazes the floor as you raise your face to the top. Performing this simple exercise for two minutes will improve your posture considerably and will also have you breathing right.

3. Kettlebell Swing

This is a great exercise to work your back muscles and its rather easy. Set up as if you were doing a conventional two hand swing with your hips back, shoulders down, lats engaged, connected and linked to the bell. Keep your body engaged as you swing the bell towards and away from you. Do 2 sets of 10 reps for two minutes.

4. Back Lunges

This is a great exercise to work the buttocks. Start by standing straight with your shoulders back and your hands resting by your sides. Take a step backward with your left foot and lower your hips till your right knee forms a 90-degree angle. Push yourself up and repeat the same for the other leg. Switch sides for watch rep and do 2 sets of 10 reps each for two minutes. Follow this with another round of High knees lasting two minutes.

5. V Ups

Lay on the floor with your back flat to the ground. Raise your back upwards and lift your legs at the same time forming a V. Hold this position for two seconds and return to the ground. This exercise works on your core ab muscles, so you’ll have your six packs in no time at all. Do this for a full two minutes.

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