Let’s face it. We all love a day by the beach, and for some runners, running on the beach can be as peaceful as it gets. The softer sands and soothing winds by the ocean side create perfect conditions for experienced runners. The second edition of the Konkan Beach Marathon, promises this and much more! Organized by RunBuddies, the event is set to take place on 7th January 2017 in the beautiful beach town of Nagaon, which is a ferry ride away from Mumbai.

The marathon will be run entirely on the beach, the start and finish point will be the Karpewadi beach, near Alibag. While running on the beach can be very enjoyable, the sand can pose some challenges for beginners and experienced runners alike. As the Official Virtual Training Partner for the Konkan Beach Marathon, Mobiefit knows the importance of the right training and diet when it comes to balancing your energy levels and speed when it comes to running. That’s why we have designed specific training programs that will include a workout schedule followed by a number of strengthening sessions along with your own personalized Diet Plan designed by Nutrition expert, Shwetha Bhatia. The programs target specific areas or skills that one will need, to enhance and cater to runners of all levels and types.

The Konkan Beach Marathon organized by RunBuddies, promises a series of marathons along the coast of Mumbai

The Konkan Beach Run will consist of four main categories:

  • 21 km Half Marathon
  • 15 km Beach Run
  • 10 km Beach Run
  • 5 km Beach Run

For those who are beginners, the 5 km beach run is a great way to muster up the pace. Though a 5 km distance doesn’t sound like much when you are treading on sand, keeping up your pace even for such a short distance becomes difficult. Mobiefit provides a Starter 5K and Elite 5K Training Program and Diet which is guaranteed to help you sustain your speed and finish your run in under 30 minutes.

The 10 km and 15 km beach runs are ideal for those who are accustomed to running on the beach. Again, a run of 10 to 15 km requires high endurance levels and a steady control over one’s pace. With the Mobiefit Starter 10K and Elite 10K Programs, we aim to help you boost your performance while maintaining a steady marathon speed.

With the Mobiefit Training and Diet Plans, we’ll make sure that you put your best foot forward in every marathon

For more advanced runners there will be the 21 km Half Marathon. This is a competitive distance based marathon and it is mandatory that you have previous running experience. To help you stay in the competition and score a new personal best, we have the Starter 21K and Elite 21K Training and Diet Plans, which will provide you with the strength training necessary for running such a large distance. Featuring a combination of Fartleks, interval runs, Tempo runs and long run sessions, both the programs are super intense and will definitely improve your 21K pace and performance.

The Konkan Beach Marathon will be conducted under the aegis of Raigad District Athletic Association and aims to bring together runners of all ages. The marathon organizers, RunBuddies will also be providing the participants with accommodation at an additional cost. The race is scheduled for 7th January, keeping in mind the low tide conditions of the Arabian sea and race will commence at sunrise and will go on till 11. 00 am. There will also be a post-run carnival that will include music, food and medal/ trophy distribution. Head over to Mobiefit Events to not miss out on this exciting beach run!

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