Few things in a runner’s daily life can trouble their form as a rut coming on. We all know when we are getting stuck in a routine and our runs get less and less enjoyable. But that’s not necessarily a negative sign; it’s also an opportunity to expand your running horizon. When it comes to busting out of a running rut, here are few ways that have been tried and tested by runners over the years.

Find a buddy
First things first, find a partner or a friend who will egg you on to run and motivate you on dull days. It could be your co-worker or your neighbour or just your young ones. You could also join a local running group or clinic, which will give you the chance to increase your knowledge and make runner friends.

Throw in some variations
Tired of a single run. Do tempo runs, or fartleks or speed intervals or do hill runs only for a week. These days runners have all manner of training programs to fall back on in case a regular run is not enough. Each of the above variations have their own end, but they make you expand your range of motion, and improve your speed, efficiency and strength. For a change, run a different routine every day of the week.

Beat yourself
No, not in a literal way, but challenge yourself to run faster over a set period each day of the week. Your personal goals can be a strong motivator and you may end up stumbling on to a technique that best suits you. The focus on speed will add a competitive angle to each running day, and it’s a great way to prep for a half-marathon or 10K.

Hit the gym
Building strength is an aspect that most new runners tend to ignore. Hit the gym and forget about your weekly volume. Body strengthening exercises will help your develop parts of your body that running cannot, and eventually it will also translate into better running efficiency and economy of form. Don’t overload your body with only the goodness that comes from running. Running itself demands concerted upper and lower body effort so aim for holistic development.

Iyengar Yoga for runners
Iyengar Yoga for runners

Set off on a runcation
We have talked about exhilarating running holidays in the past, and if your regular routine is boring you, plan a runcation on your next holiday. The new settings and running trails will be a treat for your eyes tired of the same old familiar sights. A new destination can easily reinvigorate your love for running.

Take breaks
Instead of increasing your running volume, take it down a notch. Take a break by going swimming or cycling instead of a run. Doing some Yoga on weekend mornings can also help you figure out balance issues and improve flexibility.

Listen to good music
Music can work wonder while you are running all you need is a good playlist that will energize you to run. If you have a lot of music on your phone, FirstRun’s app now lets you control all those files right through its music player. The right kind of music has known to make it easier to stick to your workout schedule.

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