Let’s be straight up and honest. Three meals a day is never enough for a runner. You burn a lot of calories and you need to eat more to make sure you’re feeling sprightly the next day. But snacking done wrong is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It’s that one cookie, or a bag of crisps, or some Doritos that you might feel does no harm to you, but in the long run, there’s a lot of damage done. So we’re here to help you snack better with energy-filled small bites that won’t pile on the kilos, but definitely make your tummy feel satiated. Here are six simple, high-energy snacks that will make sure you’re never tired (or hungry), and always run-ready.

This humble fruit is all about low fat, high carbohydrate goodness. Throw in some Vitamin A, potassium and fibre and you have yourself a brilliant, sweet snack for anytime of the day. Reserve it for after your meal or dig in any time you feel hunger strike.

Fruit Yogurt
Not only is fruit-based frozen yogurt or plain yogurt delicious, it’s loaded with calcium, potassium and protein. That’s only if you get the right kind though. Stay away from processed packs. They won’t be as nutritious as they claim. Freshly made fruit yogurt is low in fat and high in carbohydrates, and it also boosts your immune system.

Hummus on crackers
We don’t know many people who don’t like hummus. Besides being delicious and versatile, it has high content of folic acid, protein, fiber and Vitamin b6. It works best when you eat this as a mid-morning or post-lunch snack, for that extra boost of energy.


Peanut butter with rice cakes
We can’t stop praising peanut butter. It’s a super source for protein and good fats, as we have already established. PB also contains Vitamin E, which is great for muscle recovery. Rice cakes are really low on calories, most of which come from energizing carbohydrates.

Soy milk + spinach + almond butter + banana = healthful goodness. From iron to fibre, to potassium to good fats, smoothies are great energy boosters.

Tuna is a great source for omega 3 fats and protein. It decreases your risk to heart diseases, and in women, decreases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. And with its versatility, you can add it to your lunch or dinner meals, or even in a sandwich for a post-lunch snack.

Main image: Gene Arboit

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