From being a quiet achiever in school to becoming more and more high profile, Sravani Sinha has come a long way from winning the title of District Level Swimming Champ to winning the Jerai Classic – Miss Bikini Diva in 2016. She exhibits great levels of energy and is enthusiastic about taking on any fitness challenge. In this video we have her perform an impromptu exercise called the Side to Side Knee Tuck. This exercise requires one to harness themselves to cords (hanging from top of squat rack). Position yourself in the push up stance, with your left hand placed slightly ahead of the right. Now, pull the knees to the left side of the chest and towards the left arm. Slowly, control your legs and move them back to the starting position. Repeat the same for the right side and do 10 reps on each side, with 60-75 seconds of rest.

If you are looking at working on your shoulder stability in addition to strengthening your core, then this exercise should be on top of your workout regime. With the knee tucks, your lower ab muscles and hip flexors get engaged, which results in developing of the muscles that are not usually worked upon. The knee tuck exercise targets the three key points of functional fitness; balance, stability, and core strength. Since this is a challenging core and abdominal exercise, it is advised to strengthen your upper body before trying these on. For more from Sravani, follow her on mobiefit BODY.

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