Don’t give up on push ups just yet! Whether you are new to exercise or a professional athlete, push ups are a total-body move that are especially great for your triceps, chest, and core muscles. Many, steer clear of push ups because either it’s too easy for them or it’s oh-so-difficult! No, they’re not hard once you get your form right with some practice. If you’re finding them too easy, you’re possibly not doing enough reps. But boring? No way. Here are a few ways you can pump up your push up and watch those traps grow!

Watch your back

The way you position your back can make or break the effectiveness of a push up. Start by getting into a standard push up position on the ground, with your legs locked and abs tightened. When you press off, concentrate on how this affects your back. If you can’t maintain a flat back, then you should either modify your push up or keep practicing to increase your endurance.

Ease into it

Though push ups may look easy, if you are a beginner they could seem like a herculean task. To avoid risking injuries, start with a modified version and work your way to a regular push up. Try inclined push ups if you struggle with weak forearms or push up on knees to take the load off your shoulders as you ease into a standard push up.

If you find it difficult to maintain a standard push up, use your knees for support. This will take the pressure off your shoulders and help you ease into the push up stance

Adjust your shoulders

The beauty about push ups is that depending on how you place your shoulders you can target different muscles when you press down. Wide arm push up focuses on the outer portion of your pectorals as it presses your arms out and away from your body. On the other hand, a narrow grip or diamond push ups will concentrate on the inner portion of your pectorals and your triceps.

Heads up!

The spine should be aligned with the head and the rest of the body. The hips should not be sagging down or piking up. Keep a neutral spine with your eyes focused on a fixed spot on the ground. Maintain this concentration through an entire rep of your push up.

Quality not Quantity

Practicing poor form while doing push ups  will not do much for your body except cause muscle imbalances and further increase your risk of injuries. But if you get the form right, then even 5 perfectly executed push ups can make a great difference.

Get it right

Keeping all the above tips in mind, master the standard push up first before jumping off to greater things. Progressing before you are ready will only hurt you and set you further away from your goal.

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