Bangalore’s premier running event, and even if you don’t agree to that, there’ no doubt that the World TCS 10K has become a highlight of the Indian running scene. Registrations for the ninth edition are now underway, and those who are training will finally be tapering for the run, scheduled for May 15, 2016.

This year the World 10K boasts 5 categories with the Elite category being the headline act. As a result, some of the world’s best and fastest 10K runners – men and women – will be competing here. Alongside them will be amateurs and novice runners in the Open 10K. Thankfully, you can now get the edge over your rivals with the mobiefit RUN premium 10K training.

Featuring our running icons Gul Panag and Milind Soman, the 10K training program is based on the famed C25K program but has been customised in accordance with world-renowned physios and running doctors.

TCS World 10K's new logo
TCS World 10K’s new logo

The mobiefit RUN 10K program features two modes – Beginner and Pro. The former takes you through a 12-week training plan involving incremental increases in terms of mileage, volume and intensity. The programs also feature interval runs in the form of tempo runs, fartleks and continuous runs. This means you are getting the same training that many elite runners got when they started out. Don’t worry though. We are still making sure the learning curve is gentle for absolute beginners, while experienced runners can take up the program mid-way to complete their training for the TCS World 10K.

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