“Run When You Can, Walk if
You Have to, Crawl if You
Must; Just Never Give Up!”

– Dean Karnazes


The Durshet Marathon strongly adheres to this saying by American Ultra Marathoner Dean Karnazes and as the official Virtual Training Partner for The Durshet Marathon, Mobiefit sticks to the same. After all a marathon is more than just running, it is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Durshet Forest Marathon is one of the few trail running events in India that boasts of a large following of committed runners. And why shouldn’t it! The setting for the marathon is amidst the lush green forests and paddy fields of Khopoli near Mumbai and the trail runs parallel to the picturesque Amba river. With the rain pouring down on your back as your foot hits the terrain, it is hard to ignore the stunning grasslands and streams that you would pass by.

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This year the marathon will take place on August 6th 2017 and you can be prepared for it with Mobiefit’s training program and diet. For more details about registration you can click here.

The route for the Durshet Forest Marathon runs next to the picturesque Amba river and passes through several grasslands and paddy fields

Organized by RunBuddies, the Durshet Forest Marathon aims at providing a unique running experience for everyone! For those who are beginners there will be a 5 km Run that is non-competitive in nature. But that doesn’t make it any less difficult as you will be required to tread on the unruly terrain for the entire distance. As their Virtual Training Partner, Mobiefit provides a Starter 5K and Elite 5K Training Program and Diet which will help you sustain your speed and finish your run in under 30 minutes.

For those who are accustomed to running Durshet has a 10 km run. Again, a trail run of 10 km requires high endurance levels and a steady control over one’s pace. With the Mobiefit Starter 10K and Elite 10K Programs we aim to help you boost your performance, while maintaining a steady marathon speed.

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For more advanced runners there will be a Half Marathon of 21 km and a 32 km trail run. Since these are competitive distance based marathons, it is advised that you train for a minimum period of 1 month before participating. Mobiefit provides the required training and diet to help your running performance with the Starter 21K and Elite 21K Programs These are guaranteed to help you stay in the competition and beat your own personal best.

All the participants are required to be present at the Durshet Forest Lodge on the 5th of August for bib collection which will be followed by a night of entertainment. With a campsite like setting, complete with musicians, a fireplace and grooving to the live music, you would be forgiven for thinking this is not a marathon. But it starts at 6 am sharp from the Durshet Forest Lodge.

The run takes you through the paddy fields and grasslands next to Amba river, and the route could require you to cross bridges and tiny rivulets along the way. The entire trail is manned with water and medical stations which are located at every few kilometers to cater to the hydration and medical needs of the participants. As you near the finishing line, the post-run euphoria will be greatly heightened by the setting.

Another highlight of the Durshet Forest Marathon is the post-run pool party. This involves a stretching session conducted to the beats of Bollywood chartbusters. It is quite a sight that despite running for over 4 hours people are still energetic enough to jump in the pool and show off their dance moves.

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