When it comes to a trail run, or a trail running vacation, it’s important to pack well before hand, and especially because a trail run poses a lot of new challenges that a regular road or track simply doesn’t.

That means being extra cautious and using all the resources at hand to make sure the run is stress-free. Carrying fluids and nutrients, keeping rain and sleet away, and making sure your feet are comfortable should be the priority. Here are some uber-cool options for those packing for a trail running vacation – from lightweight jackets, waist packs to solid ultra-running hydration bands, and the perfect pair of trail running shoes! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here.

Altra Lone Peak NeoShell

A waterproof pair of trail shoes that don’t make your feet sweat? Yes, this is the new Lone Peak NeoShell made of what Altra calls “a revolutionary new fabric” which has an waterproof exterior and a breathable inside. It’s designed to fight off water and release heat to keep your feet cool and dry, in humid conditions, or when it’s raining. A wide toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out, thus offering more stability. There’s a flexible Stone-Guard over the midsole which deflects small pebbles and prevents rocky bits from digging into your soles.

Brooks Running Bolt Jacket
Featuring a DriLayer Bolt fabric, this Bolt jacket provides wind- and water-resistance on the run, when it’s pouring down in the rainy season. It features 360-degree retro-reflectivity that’s virtually invisible in daylight, but really shines when you are out in darker conditions. So you can wear it all day without blinding those behind you. It also features a chin guard, a flap to keep draft away, and a comfy brushed neck lining. The notched zipper pull helps keep your headphone cord in place as you move up and down the trail.

FuelBelt 10 Oz Sprint Handheld Water Bottle
This lightweight bottle is made of polyethylene and wraps around your palm and wrist to give you quick access to water. It comes with an adjustable, padded hand strap, and is leak-proof, BPA-free. What’s more the bottle also has a large, zippered front pocket to accommodate a phone, small wallet or cards and keys, so that you’re all set to go. And yes, it comes in some great, peppy colors.

Salomon Park Hydro Handset

This well-designed handset features a 500-ml soft flask that collapses as you drink to prevent liquid from sloshing and can be folded and tucked away when it’s empty. The soft mesh hand strap can be worn on left or right hands, and in several different ways for a comfortable fit. It comes with a mesh zipper pocket, big enough to fit most smartphones, keys and gels, while a smaller open mesh pocket fits a single energy gel, ID or key. The pack also has reflective details to increase visibility in low-light conditions.

Patagonia Men’s Outpacer Shirt
This one is great for wicking away moisture and also dries quickly to keep you comfy in humid conditions. It also has a good amount of recycled nylon to keep it durable enough for trail running. It boasts a permanent odour control feature to keep it fresh-smelling even after a few sweaty workouts and offers an effective UPF 15 protection from the UV rays.

UltrAspire Zygos Hydration Vest

Zygos is one of the most ergonomic and thoughtfully designed hydration packs, perfect for hiking, biking, and long-distance running. It sits on your back comfortably, thanks to the breathable and highly elastic Max 02 sternum strap, compression straps, and wrap-around hip belt. Zygos has both a hanging 2L reservoir and dual front bottle holsters, along with a multitude of stash pockets on the front, sides, and back to keep your snacks, gels, and other key gear handy.

Head Sweats Elite Icefil Fast Hat Reflective
The Fast Hat is a lightweight performance hat used by endurance athletes, runners, triathletes, rowers and hikers. It comes with an exceptional fit and reflective elements, while the Eventure terry, Icefil wrapped sweatband keeps perspiration out of your eyes and creates maximum air-flow and moisture transfer.

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