One of the biggest problems that female runners and athletes face is finding the right fitness apparel  – be it a sports bra or a pair of tights. Shopping for sportswear isn’t as easy as sauntering into a store and picking something out that looks great. It requires an entire methodology about the material that goes into it, the fit, and the coverage it’ll provide when you are in the middle of an exercise.

Pumping up against the midweek crisis in this aztec set 💪 #gymwear #gymgear #workout #outfit #myprettysecrets

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Being India’s fastest growing lingerie brand, PrettySecrets understands that great comfort and fit are essential when it comes active wear. With their recently launched Activewear collection made from AirTex – a light, cool, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric – Pretty Secrets has made the quest for finding the right sportswear very easy. The apparel is engineered to dry quickly and allows lightweight breathability and resists wrinkles for easy care. To prove it’s functionality, Pretty Secrets has launched the #GetActivChallenge on social media platforms, calling out to all fitness enthusiasts to burn 1000 calories by taking up the challenge.

Along with this month’s October Azani Fastest 5K and Veterun Challenges, we have also launched an exclusive challenge for the ladies with the Pretty Secrets. The #GetActiv Challenge is a distance based challenge where female runners who clock the maximum distance will win vouchers worth Rs 6000 from Pretty Secrets. The #GetActivChallenge is a very popular fitness challenge on Instagram and you can be a part of it too by participating in the #GetActiv Challenge on Mobiefit RUbitN and posting it on your social media.

Even Mobiefit Fitness Icons could not resist the challenge and decided to participate in the #GetActivChallenge to burn calories. We have Fitness icon Chaitra Narendra here, who did 4 exercises: Jumping Jacks, Squats, Knee Pushups Jumping Jacks, Squats, Knee Pushups, and Running in Place

Contest alerttttttt⚠️ Yay guysss, I was asked to take up the #GetActivChallenge by @prettysecrets and @mobiefit 🏋️ Andddd Here's what I did for the Challenge 😎 (Video by @kslenscapes 🌹🌹 ) Oh and guess what, you can participate too! Being a @mobiefit fitness icon, I've got an opportunity to urge you guys to take part in this challenge, Three of you lucky girls can win gift vouchers/ hampers from @prettysecrets 😍😍🌹 All you've got to do is, do the same workout moves as I have I.e, 15seconds of jumping jacks, 15 seconds of squats, 15 seconds of push ups (on feet or knees) and 15 seconds of running in place🏃 And post it on all of your social media accounts by tagging @prettsecrets, @mobiefit and meeeee 😬 I further nominate @bgirl_saga @tef.iris @thecornerwindow @vaishnavisindhoor @footprintsofmymynd @sanjana_bsr @fatty_acid3 to do it too! Come on girls, I know you can do it;🏋️😎💪💥 #imprettyfit #GetActiveChallenge Track: Break the fall by Laura welsh

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With the Pretty Secrets Activewear, you can look like a million bucks even when you are working out. So, if you want to get your hands on this amazing gear download the Mobiefit RUN app to participate in the #GetActivChallenge.

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