Everyone has their reasons to take a break from working out. It could be family commitments, an injury or prolonged soreness, sickness, or getting stuck with overtime at work. Then suddenly, from being a regular at the gym you join the group that fell by the wayside and gave up.

All it results in is a neverending cycle of unfulfilled commitments to your body. But we are all capable of changing the habit and breaking the pattern, so how does one get back to having a fitness routine? It could be anything from a 5-minute walk to 2km run. So here are a few tips on how to get back into your healthy exercise routine after a break.  

Don’t go overboard 

Take it slow. You don’t have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal and it just proves that you have some goals to achieve. If a big weight training session at the gym is too much, then get outside and simply go for a brisk walk or a light jog. Once you get moving you feel good about it and it will motivate you to continue and reach bigger targets such as lifting those weights. It’s all about to getting back into your healthy habits.

Visualize the post-workout high

Sometimes just thinking about the effort brings us down – either out of laziness or fright. The thing about exercise is that it may momentarily appear difficult but you will always feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of it. So if you are still thinking and not working out just think about the splendid high that you get post-workout. Aside from some sore muscles, you will never regret a workout. Simply picturing yourself in a tired but happy state can push you to the finish line or that last rep.

The post-workout high should keep you motivated to stick to your fitness goals

Maintain a Schedule

If you are not committed to your workout goals or are simply a master at procrastination, you will always find an excuse to not work out. That’s why it’s important to clear your schedule and make time specifically for your daily exercise. Make sure it’s scheduled for a time that you won’t get easily distracted. Keep it flexible, though. If you know that you get caught up at work in the evenings, then schedule your workout in the mornings. If mornings are too busy, then schedule your workout in the evenings. If you know it’s going to be a crazy busy day, then just commit to a quick fifteen-minute session during the lunch break. cut down on idle time such as surfing social media or watching viral videos. You will be amazed how much time that might save. The goal is to do something than nothing at all.

Take it one month at a time

If you plan on making exercising a daily habit, then try taking on a short one-month challenge to kick-start your routine. Many gyms, yoga studios and boot camps offer one-month challenges and if that’s beyond your reach, check out the monthly challenges in mobiefit RUN, mobiefit BODY and mobiefit WALK. Once the challenge is finished, you will feel great and getting back to your good habits will be much easier.

Get an exercise buddy

It’s very easy to skip your workout if it’s just yourself you have to answer to. Having a friend, work colleague or family member to workout with is a great way to boost motivation, hold each other accountable and stick to your workout routine. It also adds a social aspect, which brings a little more fun back into working out.

Partner up with a friend for a run in the sun
Partner up with a friend for a run in the sun


And finally…Do it for yourself, not anyone else.

If you are getting back into exercising for the sole purpose of getting noticed, then maybe you should give this a second thought. Being fit and healthy should be about making yourself feel great and aiming to be your best. Remember to do this for you, not for anyone else or for how they think you should look. Each time you exercise, know that you have achieved something  good for yourself and celebrate that.

Remember: Habits are created by being consistent. So the more regular you are with your exercise routine, the easier it is to keep that healthy habit, and make it a part of your daily life.

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