Did your mom always chide you for slouching? She had good reason to, because not only does bad posture result in sprains and muscle strains, but it also restricts the blood circulation to your vitals, and limits the oxygen supply to your brain.

Obviously we don’t want you to run with a slouching posture. The best posture to adopt as a runner is keeping your spine in its natural position. It involves keeping a reasonably straight spine, with not too much straightness or bend. Get your posture right and you will find that you need a lot less energy to run that last ten minutes of a continuous run.

Swimming, running and cycling make up the grueling Triathlon schedule (Image: Edmonton BG Triathlon World Cup)
Proper running posture can make gruelling runs easier
(Image: Edmonton BG Triathlon World Cup)

The way you hold your head will determine a lot about your overall running posture, and also is a telling factor in how efficiently you finish the runs. Look ahead and not down at your feet or the ground. This is automatically, bring your neck and back in alignment and straighten your spine. Don’t tilt your head back or let your chin to jut out, as this means your neck will be strained while running. Picture yourself looking at the horizon and you will get an idea of how to position your head when running.

Another key component in posture are your shoulders. While running they will tend to sag down or jut up to meet your ears. Just shake them off and bring to a relaxed position. Remember: Keep your shoulders low and loose, not high and tight.

Leaning forward while running will result in an inefficient run, making you stretch to meet the ground, and adding extra weight on your feet. So essentially, the posture determines a lot of other aspects of running.

Don’t fret about getting the perfect posture immediately on your first running day; you will achieve it as you keep running. And if you are using the FirstRun app, you can always check out our Running Basics videos to know how to get there.

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