It won’t be wrong to say that Google has become an important part of our day to day life. It has made our lives much easier with quick info on a wide variety of subjects. Count health among them now. Google Search in India will now throw up Knowledge Graph data about health and medicine to users. This Knowledge Graph info will be displayed in a distinctive UI so that users get the most important information up front.

Search users can get info on 400 health problems through mobile and desktop search as well as on the Google app on Android and iOS. “We have worked with Apollo Hospitals and Columbia Asia Hospitals to review the content and the health information. We will enable our users to check typical symptoms and get details on how common the condition is, whether it is critical, contagious and other information,” Prem Ramaswami, Senior Product Manager, Search, said on the official Google India blog.

According to Google, one in 20 searches on their platforms is for health-related information. It must be noted that the search results are for only for your information, and not for action as medical advice. Leave that job to an expert, but having invaluable information in emergency situations could be the difference between life and death, especially when emergency services have slow access.

“Available in Hindi and English, the cards cover common tropical conditions like malaria and dengue fever. Sometimes connectivity in India can be a challenge, so if you’re on a bad connection we’ll load a “lighter” version of the cards so you can get to the information you’re looking for quickly,” Ramaswami added.

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