It’s one of most common refrains from fitness gurus, and something we at mobiefit believe in wholeheartedly. Always begin small and you will have the knowledge to grow bigger in terms of your fitness journey. For us, even the tiniest of first steps is a positive, and a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

But it’s not recommended because you don’t have the capacity to workout, or that you are not strong enough. The reasons go beyond your personal stature and capabilities. It takes into account some of the most common pitfalls that gets people to quit on their fitness routine, before it has even begun.

Learn the ropes
When it comes to health and fitness, starting small is all about learning the business and trying to enjoy the journey. A big first step will be beyond the reach of most people. So a small start makes it possible for you to gradually a build the lifestyle you’re comfortable with. That’s best in the long run.

Playing mind-games
Let’s face it. Nobody likes exercise the first time. The pain and suffering put many off and your mind is telling you to not do this to the body again. Even your brain is not comfortable with the change. But what if you continue putting your body through the same effort every time – at least in the beginning, That’s where your brain becomes used to the pain, and now wants things to remain this way.

Keep tricking it into thinking ‘Yes, this is good, but no more’ and keep putting in a little more intensity. Can’t run yet? Go for a walk. Can’t lift weights? Do bodyweight exercises. Make sure your brain becomes comfortable with the idea of working out. Small changes that don’t seem very different to your brain, won’t send it in shock. Your brain will resist less even as you build up towards a larger change.

That winning feeling
What feels good to us? Anything that gives us a little reward or gratification. It makes us feel special. Training and working out is about giving yourself that feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small. So set small goals and you will feel so much better about meeting them. And as you keep working out, your goals will get bigger and bigger, getting you to push for them. The idea is to send a positive reinforcement through these goals.

Avoiding injuries
Fitness is serious business because it has serious consequences. Don’t remain fit and your health suffers in the long run, while overdoing it means you are out on the bench due to injury. So it’s only common sense to start small to help your body cope with the pain and the strain. Begin with small steps to help build a foundation and a momentum that’s unshakeable. The gradual build up helps you avoid burnouts and you won’t feel like exercise is harmful for you.

Finally, it’s important to remember that starting small isn’t a failure. It’s a victory in every sense because you have begun. Stopping would be a failure, so don’t aim too high and you won’t feel like stopping either. The only challenge is to keep setting a higher benchmark for you to clear as you progress.

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