How do beginners go from running every other day to getting ready for a 10K run? As you can imagine, running a 10K requires a level of preparation that’s quite beyond most regular runners, without a systematic coaching schedule. Thankfully, with FirstRun, you not only have a routine that’s manageable, but it’s also based on hard facts and proven scientific training.

The 5K program is our tribute to Josh Clark, the man behind the legendary C25K initiative, that has got thousands of people running. The 10K program is derived from the same concept, but we have customised it to cater to complete beginners, and it has been validated by Girish Mallya, an ultra-marathoner, besides other runners.

In the past Gul has said that having an app like FirstRun by her side would have helped her running when she was starting out.

I wish technology like this existed when I first started running at the age of 16. With access to a fantastic app like FirstRun, my journey would have been so much easier.

So start your fitness journey with FirstRun today, and reap the benefits of our in-app coach, Gul Panag, in the 5K and 10K programs. With its easy learning curve, systematic progress and motivational tips, it’s the perfect partner for beginners to start running.

Main image: Mike McNeil

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