One of the most common mistakes by novice runners is taking on too much workload and expecting to complete a mile in blistering time. Yes, that’s a great goal to have when you are already running regularly, and have set your eyes on races and marathons, but it can be the death blow to your running dreams, if you are not training well enough.

In fact, the biggest cause of injuries in new runners, is due to not giving yourself enough time to recuperate between runs, and not allowing your muscles time to recover before putting them through the exertion again. We at FirstRun realise this is a major pain point for new runners, and our app has been designed to mitigate these very pitfalls. Hear our coach Gul Panag tell you why you should run for time, and not aim to run at a certain speed or cover a certain distance.

So next time you are juggling thoughts about increasing your pace, make sure you are ready to run in the first place. We don’t want you to beating your personal speed mark and sitting down exhausted on the sidewalk after a 15-minute run. We want you to go all the way, and run the distance. And the only way to do that is by setting yourself time goals, that can be readily achieved.

Main image: Run Society

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