Thanks to FirstRun, novice or first-time runners can embrace the simple, yet joyful, act of running unlike ever before. We have all the right ingredients to get you started – from an in-app personal running trainer in the form of Gul Panag, who keeps your spirits and motivation levels up, to the integrated music player that lets you run to your tune, without leaving the app.

We also have the fantastic treadmill mode to help shy runners get the right workout even indoors, or for those runners who don’t want to risk running in the rain or sun. With these tools, there’s nothing first-time runners need to worry about. Just lace up and start running.

However, while we have taken care of most running situations, you might still find yourself not being able to run on days. Sometimes it could be a strain or a pull, which means there’s no option but to rest and recover. But sometimes it’s just the neighbourhood strays, that can make a run impossible. So what option do runners have? Here’s Gul Panag with a valuable, if slightly quirky, tip.

So the next time, your run is being stopped by a dog, just do what Gul does. Not only will the dog know not to mess with you next time, it’s a great story to start the day off.

Main image: The Unexamined Dog

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