Motivated runners have a legion of good habits. From strength training, warming up regularly, eating healthy, getting enough sleep to focusing on core training, consistent runners make sure that running is a part of their life, rather than an activity they pick up and leave as and when they want. Running in the morning is one of the key habits of highly motivated runners. Morning runs ensure that you have no excuse for slacking off later in the day, they wake you up good and proper, they set the pace for the rest of the day, and they also give you a feeling of having accomplished a task so early on in the morning.

Morning runs can be turned into a habit. This does require a fair bit of effort, but as they say, forming a habit is a matter of doing it religiously for 7 days, and on the 8th day it will hardly feel like a task. Of course, running everyday for a beginner is a bit much, so if you run twice or thrice a week, then give it a proportionate number of weeks to settle into a habit.

We are listing down a few simple steps that can help you inculcate morning runs in your day and turn them into a healthy habit.

1. Start slow – Start with just twice a week. Once you know that you have to wake up super early only twice a week, you’ll feel better about sleeping in a little longer on the 5 days that you don’t run early.

2. Get enough sleep – Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep the night before, even if that means lights out at 10 pm. Running while fatigued or very sleepy isn’t good for your system in the long run. Also, you’ll notice the difference in your run yourself on days that you’ve had sound sleep.

3. Get geared up the night before – Get your tracks, shoes, water bottle, iPod and all other running gear in order the night before. This allows you to cut down on your excuses the next morning.

4. Get a running buddy – If you have company, the run in the morning won’t seem so arduous. A little pre-run chat, a little healthy competition, plus a buddy to help you monitor your run is always a good idea and makes the minutes fly by.

It would be advisable to start your morning runs – especially if you’re new to running – in the spring and summer. Winter runs in the morning can be rather daunting and dreary. So if you start in the spring, you’ll be a pro morning runner by the wintertime and nothing will faze you out.

Lace up and happy running!

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