Many consider apple cider vinegar to be a medicine cabinet in a bottle. That more or less sums up all the plentiful goodness that comes with this amazing tonic. Apple cider vinegar or ACV (as it’s popularly known) is a fermented drink that offers multiple health benefits by healing and helping your gut. By simply consuming one tablespoon of ACV mixed with warm water has served athletes with an amazing performance and recovery drink. This can be attributed to the amino acid, raw enzyme, and potassium content that apple cider vinegar boasts about. If you haven’t included apple cider vinegar as your pre or post workout drink yet, then it’s about time you did. Need a reason? Here are three on why you should gulp down a shot of ACV, pronto!

Prevents Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps arising from exercise may not always be remnants of muscle exhaustion. More than often gastrointestinal and muscular cramps are a result of inadequate supply of nutrients and minerals to the body. ACV provides the gut with a healthy mix of electrolytes that help in preventing muscle and gastrointestinal cramping by allowing a smooth flow. These electrolytes help in maintaining the salt balance required for the musculoskeletal system to function smoothly. With less cramping, you can utilize your legs better to enhance your performance and recover optimally.

Sipping on ACV mixed in a glass of warm water before venturing out on your run might just help you sustain your glucogen levels

Energy optimisation

Organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains malic acid that breaks down fat to create energy. It also increases energy by being able to dissolve toxins that cause fatigue and weakness. Apple cider vinegar works its way through the gastrointestinal system, cleaning up toxins and unwanted by-products that cause feelings of fatigue and tiredness. Many clinical reports say that this trait of ACV to flush out toxins could be why it’s so popular as a weight loss drink.

Improved glucose control

ACV is used by diabetics to stabilize blood sugar levels, especially when there is a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels after a meal. The vinegar neutralizes the sugar spike causing a slower and more sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream. This is great news for long distance runners who face fatigue and tiredness due to low glycogen levels. This condition can be avoided if you maintain glucose levels during the entire exercise. So sipping on ACV mixed in a glass of warm water before venturing out on your run might just help you sustain your glycogen levels during the run.


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