Come April and the running season takes off. No wonder the April mobiefit RUN challenges were such a hit! We saw participants from across the country using the app to record their runs and improve their running speed.

However there were a few rogue participants who wanted to steal the top spot and the prize money by using vehicles to track their runs. Sorry guys, but with an app like mobiefit RUN only the deserving win. With prizes so great, we wouldn’t blame them for cheating! Here’s a look at the runners who actually won by giving these challenges their best shot.

Superwoman Distance Challenge

The ladies just know how to make every run count! This time, Rupa Sharma secured the top spot by running the maximum distance. In second place we have Saranya Ranganath, followed by Sidra Nashi who finished in third place. All the female champions win Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

April Distance Challenge

The Distance Challenge requires the runners to cover the most number of kilometers in a month. This month the top spot goes to SRK who truly went the distance. In second place we have Neeraj Vishwakarma followed by Anish Loke in the third spot. All the winners get Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

April 10 Km Champ Challenge

The participants for this challenge were required to run a distance of 10 km in one single go. The winners who did complete this tough run are: in first place, Sidra Nashi followed by Ashish Singh in second place and Anish Aggarwal securing the third place. The top winner gets vouchers worth Rs 1,500, first runner-up gets voucher worth Rs 1000 and the second runner-up wins Amazon vouchers worth Rs 500.

April 5 Km Champ Challenge

Running 5 km in summer is no joke, but these guys clearly were committed to their fitness goals. In first place we have Charanjit who wins Amazon goodies worth Rs 1,500. The second place goes to Ashish who wins vouchers worth Rs 1000. And the third place goes to Anish who also wins vouchers worth Rs 500. Congratulations guys!

If you haven’t given these challenges a thought then you still have a chance to win in the month of May. In May we have some unique runs that you shouldn’t be missing out on!

We have the Run To The Mountains Challenge if you are looking for an adventure, The TCS World 10K Challenge for the marathon enthusiast in you, and The Pirates Treasure Hunt 5K Challenge for a run filled with surprises. Download the mobiefit RUN app for Android and iOS   to participate in these exciting running challenges for May 2017. The winners get grand prizes and a chance to be featured in the mobiefit Hall of Fame.

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