From fitness apps to fitness icons to the best in the fitness gadgets and accessories space. We are launching the brand new mobiefit Store today and give all fitness enthusiast the chance to experience state-of-the-art gadgets and the latest running accessories and apparel at never-before-seen prices.

To celebrate the launch of the mobiefit Store, everything is on sale right now! Get the greatest deals on fitness accessories, running gadgets & wearables from the mobiefit Store and bookmark it to know more about future launches and exclusive products.

Test and analyse your race strategy in real time with the Stridalyzer Smart Insoles for ₹6,999 and the Stridalyzer Pod for Rs 3,599.  For the first time in India, mobiefit’s brand new fitness store is offering the Stridalyzer in-soles, which inform you of your performance and your posture, at an exclusive discounted price of Rs 6,999. The market price for the smart insoles is Rs 10,999. Read the review of the Stridalyzer and how it works!

Recover like a pro with Dr.Cool wraps and towels for that refreshing feeling after a gruelling half marathon. Range starts at ₹795 for the Dr.Cool wraps and towels, as well as the insulated carrying case.

Stay fit, healthy & safe with the Fitkat Ultimo tracker, which counts your steps distance and alerts you when it’s time to have your medicines. The stylish tracker is on sale at the mobiefit Store, the only place where you can get it at the discounted price of ₹3,299. It’s also the first wearable to feature mobiefit integration for all our apps! Also features an SOS button for quickly reaching a loved one in case of emergency.

Hit the mobiefit Store to see all the exclusive discounts.

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