There are a few marathons that cater to keep the spirit of running alive in veteran runners. Whether you have been in the running game for years or are simply exploring this exhilarating sport after hitting 35 years, whatever your reason be the Veterun 2017 will live up to all its claims. The speciality about this running event is that it aims at bringing together runners who are over 35 years of age and still have a thirst for running. At the same time, it doesn’t leave behind the youngsters and accommodates runners of all ages across their many marathons. The marathon will be held on October 29, 2017 and for registration and other details head to the official listing on Mobiefit events.

Veterun is organized by Explore Adventures and is probably the only running marathon dedicated towards veteran runners. The main objective of the race is to create awareness and promote healthy living among specific age groups in the country. It is common to be diagnosed with lifestyle-related ailments once you hit 30 and Veterun along with Mobiefit aims to inculcate a healthy lifestyle by incorporating walking, running or any other form of exercise into one’s daily routine to keep such ailments at bay. The fourth edition of this event is presented by Rotary Club of Pune and will be held on 29th October at Pashan-Sus Road, Pune.

The main running event will be the Half Marathon for runners who are above 35 years of age. This is a competitive distance based marathon and it is advised that you train for a minimum period of 1 month before participating. There will also be a competitive 10 km distance challenge for veteran runners. Along with the race categories for the veteran runners, there will also be two non-competitive categories for people below 35 years of age.

Veterun 2017 will take place in Pune and aims to bring runners who are 35 years and above to participate in the marathon

Taking into consideration the age of the participants, the climatic conditions, elevation, and the distance, the organizers Explore Adventurers have made arrangements to tend to the medical and energy requirements of the participants. Water stations will be situated at every 2 km distance along with refreshment stalls where the runners can fuel up with snacks and biscuits. A physiotherapist will also be present at every 5 km distance to tend to people’s running injuries. The for the fastest man and fastest woman will be awarded a grand prize, along with the other podium winners.

As Veterun’s virtual training partner, Mobiefit has also launched an in-app challenge on Mobiefit RUN. In the Veteran Distance Challenge, participants can get a taste of the actual marathon by running the maximum distance. Runners who clock the most distance during the challenge win gift vouchers from Azani Sport worth Rs 4000. Azani is one of India’s leading sports brands and provides you with the best in running technology. To participate in the Veterun Distance Challenge, download Mobiefit RUN and head over to our challenges section.

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