The popular Paleo diet, often known as the caveman diet, could actually be making you gain weight, and alarmingly, could put make you more susceptible to diabetes, according to a recent study.

The University of Melbourne study, which was reported by ANI, has revealed some startling details about the fad diet.

Paleo diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, and the study concluded that in just eight weeks of putting their bodies through it, animal subjects were found to have gone through rapid weight gain and health complications. Fad diets have always had their critics but the fact remains that some of them do have short-term gains. It’s only when you put your body through weeks of it that there can be complications.

The study was meant to test whether a Paleo diet would help those with a pre-diabetes condition.

“They took two groups of overweight mice with pre-diabetes symptoms, putting one group on the low-carb, high-fat diet and the other on their normal diet. The Paleo group put on 15 per cent of their body weight, in only eight weeks. Andrikopoulos said that comparing this to a person, it would mean an 80-kilogram man would soon hit 92 kilograms on the scales.”

Lead author of the paper Sof Andrikopoulos said Paleo is particularly not recommended for those are already overweight and lead sedentary lifestyles, who are alarmingly the ones most likely to adopt it. “There is a very important public health message here. You need to be very careful with fad diets, always seek professional advice for weight management and always aim for diets backed by evidence,” he added.

Main image: Lord Jim

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