Staying hydrated is critical to your running performance; and in the summers, it’s fundamental for preventing heat-related illnesses. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, decreased coordination, and muscle cramping, while other hot-weather ailments, such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke, can have even more serious consequences.

No matter what workout routine you follow, it’s important to pay attention to what and how much water you’re consuming not just during, but also before and after exercise. This is possibly why the range of hydration gear available these days is getting more and more innovative. If smart shoes can offer improvement tips and watches can track your activity, why can’t a smart cup remind you when to hydrate? Meet Gyenno Cup – the answer to smart hydration. Developed and created by Chinese IT health specialists Gyenno, this washable bottle tries to make sure you drink a specified amount of water every day through flashing lights, alerts and vibrations.

The Gyenno Cup takes pride in its sleek design, safe innovation, and customizable options. It features a sharp memory LCD display built with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that shows the weather, current time, calendar, as well as hydration reminders. You can set reminders based on your drinking target and the time intervals you need to drink water in. Apart from these alerts, the cup also warns you when the water may be too hot for drinking, or when the cup has been unused for a while and the contents might be stale. These warnings are displayed on the screen while the cup itself lets out flashing lights and strong vibrations.

Light at 360 grams, the cup can hold 350ml of water at a time, with a battery that can run up to 7 days once fully charged. The Gyenno Cup is designed with built-in antibacterial material to ensure safety. Sanitized, a leading Swiss brand that produces lasting antimicrobial treatments, offers freshness, protection, and prevention of bacterial reproduction. The cup’s lining and shell are made from Tritan, BPA-free, heat-resistant and chemical-resistant material. Apart from these external features, the cup also has a magnetic safety cable. In case someone trips over the cord, it will pull out of the socket without damaging the connector or pulling the cup off its surface.

Finally, one can connect the product with the Gyenno Health App, which builds your digital profile and links you to all users you want to keep a track of. One can follow a family member’s hydration status remotely and send personal timely reminders as well. If the cup’s flashing lights and vibrations aren’t enough, a sharp reminder from your mom should definitely do the trick.

Currently the Gyenno Cup is available through Amazon’s US and Germany e-stores, though purchasing channels in other regions are in development and likely to be available soon as per their official website.

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