Having a set exercise routine on holiday isn’t always realistic, or even something that you would actually want to do. When travelling or on holiday you should be taking things easy and allowing your mind and body to recover. That doesn’t have to mean that the health and fitness goals that you’ve spent all year working towards are left behind.

The act of travel itself can be extremely tiring and dehydrating in general, from the flights to the late night activities, the price you pay for this enjoyable time can be worsening levels of health or fitness if you’re not careful. Being tired and dehydrated are two factors that are consistently linked to feelings of hunger, increased weight gain and lethargy, a worrying trio when you’re concerned about your health.

But you can take positive action to make sure that your holiday doesn’t in fact have a negative effect. The following graphic put together by De Vere Hotels contains 8 simple yet practical things you can do to decrease the effects of travel on your body and remain fit and healthy:

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