While increasing your water intake alone is not going to drop those pounds, a scientific study suggests that staying hydrated may be an indication of healthier lifestyle choices.

Different factors such as climate, humidity, physical strain and other personal aspects control individual hydration levels so what works as a daily water recommendation for cooler countries might not apply to warmer, tropical places like India.

Tammy Chang of the University of Michigan suggests that a good way of checking for dehydration is through the color of one’s urine. Lighter in color and you’re probably doing fine, but if it appears dark then you’re more likely to be dehydrated. This can be corrected not just by more water but also fruits and vegetables that have high water content. Fruits like watermelons, cucumbers, grapefruits, strawberries have over 90% of water, as do vegetables like zucchini, radish, celery and tomato.

“Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content is good for you not just because of the nutrients they deliver to your body, but also because they can improve your hydration,” signs off Chang. To top it all, nearly all of these fruits and veggies mentioned above are also extremely filling but contain minimum calories, making them perfect even for those of us on strict diets.

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