It’s only natural that novice runners get daunted by the big 10K, half-marathon and marathon targets. But that doesn’t mean they should turn a blind eye to the slew of marathons coming up this season and later in the year. For beginners and enthusiasts, Dream Runs are a great place to start off.

Dreams runs are typically between 4 and 6 kilometres in distance and it’s more of a celebration than a competition. This is where you will see costumed runners and people running for charity. So you are assured an eclectic group of runners, along with a fun outing. Naturally, that makes it a great starting point for a marathon event.

Coimbatore Night Marathon

Yet another up and coming race in the southern part of India, the Coimbatore Night Race is the only of its kind in the city. While the Half Marathon is the highlight of this race, the 5K Family Fun Run, as the name suggests, encourages enthusiasts, novice runners to join in on the fun. There’s no prize on offer for the Fun Run, so there’s no pressure of running in time for a podium finish.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

The capital’s premier running event has grown leaps and bounds since its first edition and one of the chief attractions is the Great Delhi Run, a 6KM run that promotes running for charity and running as a lifestyle. Just like its counterparts in other cities, expect to see costumed runners, charity runners and those running their first ever marathon. The Dream Run is a great way to dip you feet in the world of marathons.

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon

As the name suggests, this is one of the rare night races in India, and it all starts with the IT City Fun Run. The IT City Run is the flagship event of BMM, since it draws in the most number of entries. It’s not a competitive race and is organized for those who love to run, but are not professionals. The 5K run is packed with fun and even entire families can take part, and you are likely to see runners in outlandish outfits.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

The Mumbai Marathon was the event that really shone the spotlight on the Dream Run category. The SCMM Dream Run is also a 6K run. Over 20,000 individuals ran in the Dream Run earlier in 2015, making up a little under half of the total registered runners for the event. So it’s clearly the most popular category in the most prestigious marathon in India.

TCS World 10K Bangalore

Bangalore’s most prestigious race, the World 10K is a big fixture in the Indian running calendar and the Majja Run, as the enthusiast race is called, pulls in a great number of runners from across the city. The 5.7KM Majja Run is meant for enthusiasts and novices so that they can check out the atmosphere of a running event. In previous years, costumed runners have been given prizes for the best outfits, so if you are running simply for fun, make sure you wear a quirky costume to stand out.

Main image: Hindustan Times

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