With the mobiefit RUN app, interval runs are never far away – our 5K‬, 10K and the soon-to-launch half marathon ‬training‬ programs feature interval runs regularly. But many beginners might feel daunted when taking on such a running ‬drill.

It’s not easy to understand just what your more experienced runner friend means by interval training since not everyone is familiar with running jargon. Even if you have a passing idea of what it means, you may not know exactly how to get an effective interval training routine started.

What is the ideal duration of the intervals? What does high-intensity running really mean, and what should you do to recover in between? We decided to simplify things for the new runners in our midst. So here’s a up-close look at everything about interval run training – from the basics to benefits to some celebrity‬ motivation to get you going!




Get started with mobiefit RUN today and experience interval runs with our celebrity-guided voice instructions and timely alerts‬ on milestones!


Next up on the agenda is demystifying Tempo Runs for newbies and beginners. It’s an essential part of running training, but what does it mean? Bookmark us and stay informed about what works for runners.

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